Saturday, 22 June 2013

Get your SHIZZ together

Setting Goals

So you want to hit the back of the net

It's easy setting goals,  its a doddle (I like that word) to achieve them. There is one simple rule that I use to when I set out to achieve goals and that's chunking (I like that word also). I wouldn't set out to achieve goals without chunking. Why? Because its a winner and I love anything that allows me to win win win.

What is chunking? Well its breaking your goals into easy to do bite size chunks so that they are manageable,  achievable, and gaugeable  You want to be able see that you are making progress towards your end target don't you? Yes because its good for the soul.

Lets give you and example. If I wanted to write a book (which is something I do) and I set out for at least 40,000 words it may appear to be a long tedious task  if I only had the end goal in sight. What I do is set my self a target of one thousand words a day, which is easy for me as I can write around 5,000 words in a sitting. At that rate, I will have created my draft in around 40 days and lets say one week for editing.  Hey presto  in around two months there's my book. You get the picture?

You may want to buy a car, but the price is way out of your league, but if you chunk it down its possible. You can break it down into small enough chunks over a long enough period, then anything is achievable, the only thing that is stopping you is yourself. It could be a Porsche or a Lamborghini for 4o grand, chunk it and have the patience for ten years and you will be driving it, believe me. though you could just keep telling yourself that you will never have it and guess what, you will prove yourself right.

When you are setting goals you must take other people out of the equation and whatever you do please don't go about telling others what your plans are because they are bound to fail. A little bit of silent power is needed here. If you don't understand what silent power is read this book by Stuart Wilde its the best book that I have ever read, scouts honour on that.

He will tell you things that will change you life.

Any way back to setting goals...

One goal that you need to set yourself is to surround yourself with positive people (like myself) who want to see you do well. Its amazing the effect that negative energy can have on what you want to achieve. There are people that always want to rain on your parade, yeah you know the ones am talking about don't you?  so what the hell are you doing with them? You have to begin a clear out of all the dead wood, the people who are (pardon my French)  bringing all the shit to your table. Your goal setting now and you want to move on, don't you? I hope you do.

Get a pen and start writing them down, if you need any help just ask and I will try and point you in the right direction. I have got all the time in the world for those who are setting goals and want to make it go the brilliant zone.

Wait until till you see my next post, I am going to show you a little bit of magic and you would be daft to miss it. Its very powerful stuff.


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